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Studio reopening in February

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time. The loss of the love of my life has been devastating, but I know in my heart that continuing on with my dream is what he would of wanted.   The studio will be opening back up in February. 

Open and excepting new company members


Straight Up and On Pointe is a performing arts company for teens, about teens. It gives teens, a productive outlet to express their hopes, dreams, and fears, through all aspects of performing arts.

They will be taking on issues, such as peer pressure, bullying, gangs, teen violence, suicide, world hunger, world peace, body image, as well as drugs and alcohol abuse, just to name a few.  Every performance will promote awareness, educate, and provide information on where help can be found for those in need of it.   

All productions are written, directed and produced by company members, giving them the opportunity to highlight their individual talents as they let their voices ring out, giving the audience a small glimpse into how they view the world around them.            

Giving back to the community

Straight Up and On Pointe company members will also be giving back to their communities through car washes to help raise money, cheering for national cancers walks, filming public service messages to further spread awareness and provide information where help can be found, and so much more. 



This Is how you open a show.

Opening of our first show, we had a blast and the show was a huge hit. Standing room only. So proud of my kids. 

I do not own the right to this music

I Can't be dead, I'm only 17


Please don’t text and drive. A public service announcement from the teens of Straight Up and On Pointe Performing Arts Company LLC. Voiceover performed by Justice Wright. 


Just a typical day in the studio, Company members having fun and finding their voices. Come and be apart of something bigger than yourself. Thank you Z104 and Larae Cooper. 

Gracie is Dead, Suicide awareness. Start of improvo


We are at the beginning stages of an emotional performance geared toward teen suicide awareness and prevention. This was created entirely by the amazing teens of Straight Up and On Pointe. This is how 90% of all their performance start out before they hit the stage. They work hard and mold their improv into something that touches their audience and brings awareness to all that have the honor to see them at their best.

Beginning choreography for mass shooting victims

 Day one of choreography for the final number of Straight Up and On Pointe’s first performance.( a tribute to all those lost in a mass shooting) Still in awe of the genius of Ashleigh Berney. Her ability to interpret the story I am trying to tell and bring it to life through the power, and beauty of dance.  Watching someone with her level of talent  work her magic just leaves me breathless and inspired.  Her studio accepting new dancers. Please contact A&B DANCE COMPANY  

Active Shooter

 Active shooter, scene one of three. These kids are beyond amazing, this is 100% improvised. It is totally from the heart. 

Hip Hop rehearsal

Girls having a blast rehearsing their hip hop number. Choreographed by Ashleigh Berney.

We're going to die

 WOW, improv at studio, these girls nailed it. So real and from the heart. 


Check out this great video Tori Amanda Jones Co- owner and directer of Straight Up and On Pointe, at competition last year. Choreography by Ashleigh Berney 

First improv in studio, anti suicide/anti bullying

 AMAZING Night with my girls, simply improv that blew me away. please be patient through the my sad, and shaky video ability it gets better and it's worth waiting through it. 


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Straight Up and On Pointe will be dealing with the social issues of teens in today's  world, due to some of the subjects the actors will be tackling, all student must be at least thirteen years of age. 


 $100.00 per month 

Company meets on Mondays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

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 Please feel free to contact  Straight Up and On Pointe, to set up a date and time to tour our studio and answer any questions you may have. 

Straight Up and On Pointe

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